Heidi Davis
Spiritual Life Coach

It’s not an accident that you are here on this earth. You have always been meant to be here, not only to exist, but to live a soul-inspired life. Are you tired of the endless searching for things outside yourself to offer you love, and peace, and joy?

You’re the hero of your story. And your journey is to reclaim the light of your spirit.

So, here you are. Are you ready to come home to your heart and remember your light?

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I grew up on beautiful Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. As a young girl, I always enjoyed deep conversations about life. 

Fast forward to present day- I am now a SPiritual Life coach. it took me 30 years, a nursing degree, a divorce, a move back to cape breton and a whole lotta beautiful experiences (lots of failures included) to get to today. peeling back the layers of self-doubt and trusting my soul have been the most challenging and rewarding choices i continue to make. This is the journey we’re on together—Coming home to our hearts and remembering who we’ve always been. I know it’s scary, but so is the alternative choice of staying in the hurts of the past and ignoring the call of your soul.



There’sa big bright spark within you that is longing to shine so much brighter than it is right now. It’s a fiery energy that is screaming “LET ME OUT!!!”

I Can help you learn how to hear and see this fire so that you shift from being afraid of it’s bigness, to welcoming it’s full loving force to show up, so that you can live a more soul inspired life.

Why wait for things to change? life is an incredible gift—A magical journey that’s inviting you to Believe in the you that you’ve always been. you really are worthy of love. First and foremost it starts with you.

Let me support you to lovingly blow your heart wide open and really start living.




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I started talking to Heidi when I was at a low point in my life. I have always struggled with my self confidence and feeling in control of my own life, but at that time, I was at an all time low. Within 2 months, I felt like a different person; no longer the shell of a person that I was just months before. I could see my future again, and I was taking accountability for getting to where I wanted to be. I learned how to live with the voice in my head, and even how to befriend it. I felt whole again, or rather I was reminded that I have always been whole. Heidi was so friendly, and easy to talk to, I felt like I was sharing with an old friend that knew just what to say. She helped me have life changing realizations all on my own. You have to reflect. You have to be honest, especially with yourself. Starting sessions with her was one of the single greatest decisions I have ever made. I am so incredibly proud of the growth I have made, and am so grateful I met her.
— Haley, Nova Scotia
Heidi was a catalyst in helping me open-up about myself, revealing strengths and values that I would never have discovered. My essence. Her coaching was very beneficial to both my personal life and my professional endeavours. She challenged me at every opportunity and kindly called me out on my hesitations to do what I wanted. Now I have a new career and am steadily following my passions in building a new business. With guidance that maintained a clever balance between my goals in both business and life.

Thanks to Heidi I hold a stronger understanding of who I am and visibility on the sneaky ways I hold myself back.
— James, British Columbia
I connected with Heidi during a time in my life when I knew I needed something but I didn’t know what. Investing in myself wasn’t something I was used to doing and it was uncomfortable. Today I know with 100% certainty that it was by far the best investment I’ve ever made in my life. Heidi is amazing! She knows the exact questions to ask at the perfect time. The support she has shown me, the accountability, the real talk and compassion when I need it, has changed my life. Through my work with Heidi I have discovered my passion, what holds me back, the stories I have been telling myself and strategies that are helping me overcome obstacles and work towards my goals. I highly recommend investing in yourself and working with Heidi. You will not be sorry.
— Danna, Cape Breton