Heidi Davis Life Coach

Heidi Davis
Life & Leadership Coach

Coaching is a uniquely powerful relationship that stands for you and all that's in your soul. It's a partnership in creation that holds you accountable to live a life that reflects your truest and highest commitments. Why? Because you're already freaking amazing

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I grew up on beautiful Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. As a young girl, I always enjoyed deep conversations about life. 

Fast forward to present day- I am now a life & leadership coach. it took me 30 years, a divorce, a move back to cape breton and a whole lotta beautiful experiences (failures included) to get here. peeling back the layers of self-doubt and trusting my soul have been the most challenging and rewarding choices i continue to make. this is the work i do with my clients. Calling people forth to live their greatness is my passion.

I also work as a registered nurse in long-term care. i've learned so much through working with the elderly-- i do not believe there is any greater gift than truly seeing, hearing, and honouring another soul.



maybe you want a new relationship or more joy and excitement in your current one, maybe you're looking for a career change, maybe you've always dreamed of starting your own business, or you long for deeper connection to self or spirituality, more joy, fun, fulfilment, satisfaction, maybe inside you're a bad ass leader who needs a little push to step into your power- whatever it is- I'll be that person who stands for the life you want. I'll partner with you to create actions that are in alignment with your highest commitments while shining a light on the stuff that keeps getting in the way. 

Why wait for things to change? life is a journey and you really do get to say how it goes. 




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Client Reviews

With Heidi Davis as my life coach, I learned to respect myself much more; to listen to myself, to feel empowered, and to feel truly motivated to get to where I wanted to be. With her support, I was finally able to seriously evaluate the options I had in my life. I set my goals, and I achieved them; she helped me understand what I wanted out of myself, and guided me toward my own answers. I’ve never had so much success come from a single professional relationship! Thanks, Heidi!
— Adam, Ontario