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If you’re anything like me you run from the dark…

Let me share a not-so-secret-secret with you. The wound actually is the healing place. That’s the place we can look to, or in many of our cases RUN toward, to find the light we’ve been searching for. The love you seek IS NOT OUT THERE. It isn’t outside of you. 

You see, if you’re like me, you’ve run from yourself. For a longggggg mother freaking time. You got so good at running you didn’t even know that’s what was happening. The external search has felt natural, but it’s likely felt bad at times. That bad might feel like a pit, a sense that you’ve ignored or stuffed down whole parts of you. And throughout this epic marathon there’s this tug that often pulls at you or things happen that offer you the opportunity to go deeper within yourself but you don’t. Or you scratch the surface a little bit until you feel too uncomfortable and then you put your running shoes on again. Catch my drift? Can you recognize that well-warn running path that I am talking about? 

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