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The week the water heater went bye-bye…

One day in the fall (yes, this has been waiting to be written since then) the water heater in our apartment went caput. I made fun of my partner Crystal for being annoyed and afraid of the cold water. ‘Tough on the outside me’ was like “oh this isn’t a big deal, our landlady will get it fixed in a few days”. And she did. But, a big lesson was learned. Or, rather re-learned. Since then forgotten and remembered several times over and over again. What can I say? I’m a human. Sometimes we learn slowly. And we forget things that would make our lives a whole lot simpler. 

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This was my Monday

Okay. So ya know when you take some time off from work and then when it's time to get back into the swing of things you sort of 'forget' how and what you're supposed to do? That's what's up over here today.

Sits at computer. Whoa..look at that ball of dust over there in the corner.. FOCUS. awww a cute dog video. Maybe I should eat now.. it's already been 6 minutes since I ate my mid-day snack. FOCUS. Maybe I'll go through this pile of papers that I've been planning on going through for 5 months now. FOCUS. what time is it? Can I have another snack now? Maybe I should go look out the window for a bit and wish that someone would come along and do all the things for me so I could sit around and wish some more that things would just happen without me having to do anything. 

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