Wishing and hoping

This beauty exists in you.

This beauty exists in you.

Growth and transformation doesn’t just happen because we wish for it to happen. Yes, it’s imperative to set an intention, a desire for growth and discovery but, we also have to add action into the mix. AND it doesn’t have to be big and hard. 

I have spent a lot of my life wishing and hoping for things to be different but not actively taking part in the creative process. Deep inside I knew that wishing and hoping would not be enough but fear would often get in the way of my participation in my life. I’d become a victim of my circumstances and to the stories in my mind. 

But what if fear wasn’t actually getting in the way? What if fear was simply doing what it does—showing up. We are human beings who feel a myriad of emotions and one of the really big ones is fear and it has many forms— slight nervousness, chronic anxiety, sudden terror, discomfort, etc. 

We can learn to acknowledge fear, feel it, hear it out, and be curious with what it’s telling us. And we can learn to speak its language and see the patterns of when and how it shows up. It’s like any habit. For instance, in the morning some people need coffee, the desire, the craving just shows up. The same often goes for fear, we think a thought, we’re in a situation and fear just shows up. We feel it in our body as shallow breaths, shakiness, a pit in our stomach, racing thoughts, etc. 

What if instead of running from it, we stepped into it. I used to, and still do at times, run from it. More and more, however, I step into it. And that’s what I am talking about, this work of transformation does not need to be big and hard. If we can do just one small thing, take one small step in the direction of our heart’s desires we send the message to our body that we are safe and that fear doesn’t lead the way all the time anymore. 

The practice lies in tuning into your body via the breath and slowing down long enough to hear the whispers of your heart. Slow down your breathing. Close your eyes. Give yourself some time and space. Fear can be our friend if we welcome it as just another messenger on our journey. It is here to warn us of danger and keep us alive and it has but sometimes it just kicks into gear even when we’re not in danger. In time, you’ll learn to discern when it’s real danger and when it’s really an invitation to keep going.

Keep setting intentions and start adding a little step or two into the mix and you’ll begin to see shifts in your way of being and your life as a whole. One of my steps today: post this blog.

xo and cheers to co-creating life! 💕